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COVID-19 Prevention: The Importance of Social Distancing

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health officials, celebrities, and notable personalities like Bill Gates have emphasized the importance of social distancing. Otherwise known as physical distancing, it’s a preventative measure that involves infection control actions to slow down and stop the spread of contagious disease. Here are several examples: Working from home and attending … Continue reading

COVID-19 Prevention: Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Today, COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic that’s affecting over a hundred countries across the globe. Caused by the recently uncovered coronavirus, the virus and disease originated in Wuhan, China last year. Its symptoms include fatigue, dry cough, and fever with some patients reporting nasal congestion, sore throat, and diarrhea. Fortunately, there are several things you … Continue reading

Key Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

A key difference between Medicare and Medicaid is that one is primarily age-based and the other is an income-based welfare program benefiting people with limited financial resources, regardless of age. Medicare is available to assist people of 65 or older, and in some cases people under 65 with specific medical disabilities or diseases. It applies … Continue reading

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Medicare vs. Medicaid: Key Differences and What Is Covered

In 1965, an amendment to the Social Security Act established Medicare and Medicaid, two government-run health programs. Their similar names can often lead to confusion about what each program covers. In some cases, people may be eligible to be covered by both programs. You also have options in coverage, which makes understanding these two programs … Continue reading

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