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Home Quarantine: Things Seniors Can Do for a Healthier Lifestyle

Home Quarantine: Things Seniors Can Do for a Healthier Lifestyle

The ongoing Coronavirus lockdown made many people anxious not just about their livelihood but also about their loved ones’ health. Everybody is prone to infection. For seniors, since they already have a frail body, they are twice as likely as others to contract a serious form of COVID-19. Health professionals at home health care Brooklyn, New York, highly suggest that seniors who are in a home quarantine should continue doing some activities that would help keep them from getting the virus.

And yes, even at the comforts of your home, your elderly loved ones can still get the needed treatment, whether it’s a medication or any therapeutic activity. So to help your loved ones live a healthier lifestyle, especially amid the pandemic, then below are some simple yet effective activities senior can do:

  • Light Exercises
    Staying in bed or couch the whole day will only deteriorate your loved ones’ physical aspect. Without doing some light exercises at home, seniors will eventually feel sick and it is bad when fighting against the virus. Encourage your elderly loved ones to engage in indoor light exercises or let them do some light household chores to improve their physical wellness.
  • Eat Right
    When you entrust your senior loved ones’ health to caregivers in New York, you can guarantee that they’ll get the most nutritious and delicious meal for them to enjoy. That is why they highly recommend family members that during the lockdown, seniors should eat only nutritious meals to boost their immune system.

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