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How to Prepare Your Home for Receiving Home Care

How to Prepare Your Home for Receiving Home Care

Most families are accustomed to their everyday routines and the privacy of their homes. So, when it’s time to receive home health care in Brooklyn, New York, it can be quite an adjustment. Likewise, we will share helpful tips to help prepare your home for receiving home care:

  • Open communication
    Before hiring a home care provider, make sure to discuss the care option with your senior parent or family member first. Highlight the many benefits of receiving home care and how doing so allows them to age at home. It’s also best to discuss important information such as medication schedules, allergies, and dietary requirements with your caregiver.
  • Create adjustments
    To ensure your senior loved one is comfortable at home, you should make the necessary adjustments. This may include decluttering your home, installing brighter lighting, and installing devices like grab bars in the bathroom to ensure their safety.
  • Check devices at home
    Additionally, it’s also best to check devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your fire extinguishers at home. We also suggest stocking up your first aid kit and making a list of emergency contacts in case a situation may demand its use in the future.

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