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Restoration Homecare Agency® strives to provide quality health care by ensuring that efficiency and dedication help to revivify our clients. We maintain the sustenance of health for our patients by enhancing their quality of life and well-being through the employment of dedicated, compassionate, and well-trained staff who are equipped to render a wide variety of services. At Restoration Homecare Agency®, we secure a peace of mind and rejuvenation of the spirit.

Restoration Homecare Agency ® is proudly owned and operated by Vernon Dye and Michael Alcindor. Because of Vernon’s mother’s illness and age, she was admitted to one of New York’s finest Nursing Homes. Vernon recalls visiting his mother and when it was time for him to end his visit, she would cry. He realized that Mrs. Dye wanted to be with friends and family in her own home with which she was very familiar and felt most comfortable. This prompted Vernon to discharge his Mom. Vernon recalls the expression of joy on his mother’s face when she was brought home, she began smiling again. Mrs. Dye passed away peacefully on October 14th, 2011.

Michael feels truly blessed to have his 91-year-old mother at home with him. She reads her Bible, worships daily and does just about everything for herself. He can truly say that being in her own home contributes to her good health.

The Story Behind Restoration Homecare Agency

The inspiration for the provision of home health care to the sick and elderly was fueled by the physical condition of the aged mothers. Vernon Dye and Michael Alcindor, founders and operators of the Restoration Homecare Agency (RHA), currently providing exemplary health care and comfort to the sick and disabled.

Ms. Dye, Vernon’s deceased mother, was 91 years old, and they both stressfully experienced the daily adverse emotional swings, eventuated by her inevitable movement from home and her placement in a Nursing home, considered one of the best in NYC. Vernon shared the great joy he felt, when, by God’s grace, he was able to return his mother to her much loved home and environment, to live out her cherished God-given years.

Strikingly, Rhoda James, Michael’s Mom, was 88 years old then and though fast declining in physical and mental health, she was able to read her Bible and reasonably perform her daily tasks. However, in 2017, six years later and at age 94, after having fallen twice and sustaining a fractured left hip, she can no longer climb the stairs, and her dementia state is fast deteriorating. Her few days of hospital stay adversely impacted her state of dementia.

Because of this progressively worsening condition, Michael, in consultation with her doctor, brought her home before she was discharged.

Ms. James is currently receiving home care provided by RHA and her mental state has improved. During her hospitalization, she was very confused and unable to understand that she was in a hospital and believed that she was at different places at different times. Thanks to God, her doctors and the loving attention and care they gave her in her familiar environment, and the health caregivers at RHA, her mental state is much less inconsistent and her physical condition is stable.

Having always been a very religious and industrious person, she cannot accept her inability to come to terms with her physical and mental inefficiency. Her frustration, no doubt, contributes to her sometimes periodic display of total misunderstanding and the compulsion to vainly challenge her inabilities. Thanks to God, my mom’s RHA caregivers, who, in accordance with RHA’s logo, treat my mom like family.

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