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COVID-19 Prevention: The Importance of Social Distancing

COVID-19 Prevention: The Importance of Social Distancing

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health officials, celebrities, and notable personalities like Bill Gates have emphasized the importance of social distancing. Otherwise known as physical distancing, it’s a preventative measure that involves infection control actions to slow down and stop the spread of contagious disease.

Here are several examples:

  • Working from home and attending online classes
  • Maintaining relationships through telecommunication apps
  • Rescheduling large public events like conferences or parties
  • Avoiding public places and large groups

Considering coronavirus is spread through human contact, social distancing is a highly effective means of containing it. COVID-19 positive individuals and those who are at high risk of catching the disease can help protect others and themselves by staying at home. The latter includes individuals with weakened immune systems and the elderly. Due to this, hiring a home care agency is recommended to ensure quality health care while remaining safely at home.

Receiving home health care through caregivers in New York is a safer alternative in comparison to going to the hospital. It’s important to note that although COVID-19 has common symptoms like dry cough and fever, those infected with the virus can be asymptotic, which still makes them a threat to others.

We at Restoration Homecare Agency prioritize your health and safety in this time of crisis. Get in touch with us to acquire home health care Brooklyn, New York and browse our blog to learn valuable tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from catching the disease.

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