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How Dangerous Your Home Can Possibly Be?


Your living space should exude a comforting ambiance that facilitates stress relief. Of course, you should always be safe inside your living quarters.

Pairing families with the right caregivers in New York has taught us how some homes become dangerous. The risk of accidents at home significantly rises when your physical and cognitive abilities are not at their best. What are some of the common dangers you can find at home?

  • Staircases

    The risk of fatal falls is higher in staircases, balconies, and other platforms. It’s a struggle to navigate these areas when your physical abilities are not at the optimal state. You can choose to get ambulation assistance, or you can also choose to install ramps and stairlifts.

  • Slippery floors

    The floors in bathrooms and kitchens can get wet. You can easily slip when there is moisture on the floor surfaces. Working with a home care agency can get you the assistance you need to perform your activities in these areas.

  • Tools and equipment

    Some rooms have tools and pieces of equipment that can cause injuries. Basements, garages, and kitchens are some examples of these rooms. Make sure you limit access to their rooms for your loved ones with delicate health. Supervise them if they absolutely need to be in these rooms.

  • Narrow or cluttered passageways

    Narrow passageways, either by design or because of clutter, can limit your mobility. When it’s hard to stay mobile, your risk of accidents can heighten. You can choose to widen these passageways or keep them free from obstructions.

Here at Restoration Homecare Agency, we have care providers to help you stay safe at home. We offer home health care in Brooklyn, New York to preserve your quality of life. Call us today!

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