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Let’s Help Our Seniors Keep A Healthy Heart

Let’s Help Our Seniors Keep A Healthy Heart

As we age, our risks for heart diseases heighten. This is due to the different changes that our bodies undergo as it ages, as well as the effects of our unhealthy habits. Additionally, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the entire world. This only intensifies the need to take care of the heart, especially among older people. With the help of a home care agency, we can help our seniors keep a healthy heart easily.

  • Physical Activity
    Physical activity is the cornerstone of a healthy heart. This makes sure your blood is well-circulated. Activities such as walking are quite beneficial for older adults. This low-intensity is good for them as it is relatively easy to do and can be incorporated into their weekly schedule. But they must have someone to walk with to make sure they are safe while exercising. You can ask for assistance from caregivers in New York who are more than willing to give your loved ones the care they need.
  • Diet
    Another important thing to take note of about maintaining a healthy heart is the food that you consume. Avoid eating foods that are high in sodium and saturated fats. Also, if you can help it, lessen your intake of foods that have plenty of added sugars. It’s best to keep a high-nutrient diet that is relatively low in calories. Always incorporate fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

When looking for home care services, reach out to us here at Restoration Homecare Agency. We provide quality home health care in Brooklyn, New York, ready to assist you or your loved one with your home care needs.

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