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Senior Care: Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Senior Care: Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

As we age, our diet plays a bigger role in our health. However, overindulgence is common during the holidays and many folks tend to enter the New Year with a few extra pounds while vowing to lose weight with newly-created resolutions. For seniors, poor nutrition can have a severe impact on their health. As a home care agency, we will share healthy eating tips for seniors during the holidays:

  • Add more spices
    Spices not only add new flavors to different types of dishes but also help with digestion. For instance, turmeric is known for its therapeutic benefits. Studies show it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while preventing memory loss.
  • Increase protein intake
    Older adults usually experience a decreased production of stomach acids that assist in absorbing vitamins and protein. One can increase protein intake by dividing it equally between meals and sources instead of relying heavily on red meat. This includes fish, eggs, beans, peas, cheese, and low-fat milk instead.
  • Pick foods that help with digestion
    Decreased stomach acids can also affect your senior loved one’s digestive system. Hence, it’s best to consume foods that aid with digestion, such as fruits, vegetables, and dishes rich in fiber.

Follow your normal eating schedule

It’s a common practice for people to skip breakfast and lunch to consume all their calories during a heavy holiday dinner, which leads to overeating. In-home caregivers in New York can assist with following your normal eating schedule to maintain your senior loved one’s diet and weight.

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