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The Benefits of Discovering a New Interest 

the-benefits-of-discovering-a-new-interestWhen an elderly has remained mobile for a long period, both in body and mind, it adversely affects their quality of life. While sticking to a routine can help them cope with the recent changes brought by old age, losing spontaneity can cause lethargy. As part of our Care Management program, we highly encourage our senior patients to engage in different activities and new interests.

Our team in Home Health Care in Brooklyn, New York, has worked on helping our patients have a broader selection of choices. Here are some activities that a senior member can try to improve overall health care:

  • Pottery

    A simple act of spinning clay can do wonders for the patient’s energy without having to require too much movement. When one is grieving, the art of pottery can be a method of unloading one’s emotions. Our caregivers in New York do their best in procuring the necessary materials that our patients need.

  • Writing a Journal

    As one ages, the decline in an elderly’s cognitive abilities starts showing. Without proper intervention, their mental health condition could only get worse. In our home care agency, we’re actively looking for ways to keep our patient’s minds stimulated. One of the activities we found to boost memory and comprehension is writing a journal. The cognitive processing becomes sharp as they revisit past actions and explore their emotions by expressing their thoughts on paper.

  • Community Engagement

    While we observe healthy boundaries with respect to the patient’s wishes, Restoration Homecare Agency makes it constantly known that in their ongoing battle, elder patients are not alone. Community engagement is a good place to create new connections, build one’s self-esteem, and gain positive experiences. 

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