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The Causes of Sadness and Isolation


As enforcers of compassionate home health care, we understand the changes brought about by aging. And these changes make people sad and isolate themselves.

What makes seniors sad?

  • Loss of a loved one

    Seniors have a longer coping period after losing loved ones. It can be difficult for them to handle the pain, and the grieving process takes longer. Some may not even eat or go out, causing a depressing feeling.

  • Leaving their homes

    Transferring to a residential facility or moving out from home can bring sadness to seniors. They might want to age in place, receive care assistance at home, and don’t want to leave the memories behind, but when an inevitable event happens, they get heartbroken from leaving the house they stayed in for years.

  • Retirement

    Major life changes like retirement can trigger extreme loneliness in a person. Lesser activities, lesser interactions, a reduced sense of purpose, and changes in financial safety are factors of sadness that may even lead to depression. That said, they may need companionship from caregivers in New York.

  • Losing independence due to health problems

    Independence is crucial to many seniors. It gives them a sense of dignity and pride. But when they become immobilized and sick, it creates a negative feeling.

  • Living alone

    It could be dull and sad with no one present to talk to or bond with at home. A companion providing home health care in Brooklyn, New York, may benefit the elderly.

When you need a home care agency for assistance, there is only one to call. Restoration Homecare Agency can help you with your home health needs. We can address the causes of emotional stress and help you cope with them to ensure a happy and healthy seniorhood.

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