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Things That Can Keep You up at Night

things-that-can-keep-you-up-at-nightA disrupted sleeping pattern is a common sign of aging. It can look like getting too much sleep or too little. Regardless, it’s an abnormal sleeping behavior.

Sleeping patterns can often be attributed to a person’s overall health, medical history, genes, and lifestyle. Let your caregivers in New York know which of the following factors affect you the most. They can be:

  • Mental and physical health

    Adults in their later years experience a change in hormone production. Hormones are produced slower than before, which affects sleeping patterns. For example, melatonin, which is the hormone needed for sleep, is not produced as fast as before, thus contributing to trouble falling asleep. Taking supplements and proper meal preparation can help combat this.

  • Genetic makeup

    Heritability has more to do with insomnia than you think. In fact, it’s one of the biggest contributing factors to insomnia. Although the genetic influence is hard to trump, you still have control over your environment such as putting your phone away before bedtime or getting the care assistance you need.

  • Retirement

    With less hustle and bustle going on, the body isn’t able to expel all its energy. Retirement is a transition into slower days and the body may not know how to cope yet. Be kind to yourself as you ease into this new chapter in your life. A home care agency can help you in this transition too. Besides, this is a great time to get into passion projects and be with loved ones more.

Get yourself the best home health care in Brooklyn, New York with Restoration Homecare Agency. This way, you won’t lose sleep over a service that doesn’t suit your needs. Feel free to call us and learn more!

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