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Tips for Alzheimer’s-Diagnosed Seniors to Eat Healthily


Restoration Homecare Agency promotes proper diet since it is essential for keeping the body robust and healthy. A poor diet can worsen behavioral symptoms and induce weight loss in people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Eating regular nutritional meals may become difficult for elders with Alzheimer’s disease, but family caregivers in New York must find a method to persuade their loved ones to eat healthy meals every day.

Here are tips you can use when trying to get a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s to eat healthier.

  • Serve Colorful Foods
    You may encourage your loved one to consume more meals by giving a colorful array of options. Seeing the many hues of fruits and vegetables may help your loved one relax and lessen activity in his or her central nervous system.
  • Serve Smaller Meals
    Instead of having three substantial meals over the day, split them into five or six smaller meals. It is critical to ensure that the smaller meals still supply the nutrients that the body requires to function correctly.
  • Maintain a Dining Routine
    Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may be less resistant to eating if they follow a routine. If you have a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, your loved one may look forward to the meals instead of being confused and irritated, and it may be simpler to promote eating nutritious foods and snacks.

If you don’t have time to make nutritious meals for your elderly loved one, consider hiring a professional caregiver from a home care agency. The committed caregivers at home health care in Brooklyn, New York are available to aid your senior loved ones with everything from making nutritious meals to providing timely medicine reminders.

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