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When Is Skilled Nursing Needed? What to Look Out For


As we watch our loved ones continue to age at home, it’s only natural to start asking questions about providing them the assistance they need. Perhaps your work-life is making it difficult to keep watch over them. Or, you feel that you can’t look after them constantly. In that case, in-home health care is a good option. As a provider of home health care in Brooklyn, New York, we know that these concerns are valid and the motivations behind them noble. Fortunately, we at Restoration Homecare Agency can help address them.

If your loved one is or has gone through any of these things, it’s time to consult a home care agency for skilled nursing care:

  • They are recovering from an operation, injury, or stroke.
    These conditions require constant supervision and medical assistance. Whether it’s short or long-term, a registered nurse can provide them with the support they need to rehabilitate successfully.
  • Their health condition is complex or progressive.
    Conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s, or dementia cannot be handled by family members on their own. The help of a registered nurse will be required.
  • They need round-the-clock supervision.
    If they have things like medication schedules, regular health monitoring, and therapy routines, a registered nurse can save both you and them a lot of confusion and trouble. They are trained to help with medication administration, catheter changing, and vital signs monitoring.
  • You and your loved one need reliable advice on making healthcare decisions.
    Registered nurses are trained for case management. So you can consult them in conjunction with your loved one’s healthcare provider in learning what you need to know about your loved one’s health and plan of care.

Our caregivers in New York work with skilled registered nurses. Talk to us and learn if your loved one needs skilled care today.

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