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Causes of Paranoia In Older Adults

Causes of Paranoia In Older Adults

Paranoia in your aging loved one can manifest in symptoms like believing that the government is after them because they have top-secret files hidden in the house or believing that people are following them to sneak into their room at night and murder them.

Unfortunately, it’s common for seniors to develop persistent fears and worries. Our caregivers also see this behavior among the seniors in our Home Health Care in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s important to know its causes to help you think of good ways to help calm their nerves. So Restoration Homecare Agency is here to talk about those. Take a look:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
    This is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly affects the memory and thinking skills and, eventually, your loved one’s ability to carry out simple tasks.
  • Medications
    Certain medications have side effects that can cause auditory hallucinations and paranoia.
  • Dementia
    Just like Alzheimer’s, Dementia is a group of illnesses that affect how your loved one’s brain functions.

So what can you do for your loved one?

If your senior is going through paranoia, make sure to give their doctor a call. You can also ask Caregivers in New York to keep an eye on your loved one as they are experienced in handling seniors with paranoia.

Learn more about how our Home Care Agency can help. Dial 718-444-4111 to get in touch.

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