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How to Help Seniors Experiencing Paranoia

How to Help Seniors Experiencing Paranoia

Caring for a senior who suffers from bouts of paranoia can be exhausting, stressful, and overall demanding. Even experienced caregivers in our Home Care Agency feel pressured whenever their patient’s condition acts up.

It’s great to be proactive and want to look after your aging loved one’s condition. Aside from hiring professional Caregivers in New York, there are ways you can help keep your loved one’s paranoia in check. Take a look:

  • Be understanding and patient.
  • Avoid arguing about what is making them paranoid.
  • Listen and empathize with their paranoid thoughts and beliefs.
  • Use calm and reassuring body language (for example, keeping a good distance between you and your loved one, so they don’t feel cornered).
  • Keep their surroundings calm and quiet.

It’s vital that you also learn more about your aging loved one’s condition, its symptoms, and possible triggers. You can also call our Home Health Care in Brooklyn, New York for help in caring for your loved one.

We hope these tips work. If you need more advice about how you can care for your loved one and manage their symptoms, feel free to give your friends here at Restoration Homecare Agency a call. Just dial 718-444-4111 to get in touch.

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