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Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Seek Home Care


In most cases, your aging loved ones will hesitate to voice out their need for additional help at home. That’s because of the prevailing misconception that hiring home healthcare professionals will compromise their independence.

That said, it will take more effort to determine whether it is time to provide your elderly loved ones with home care. That’s where we at Restoration Homecare Agency, a tried-and-true home health care in Brooklyn, New York, can help!

As compassionate home health care providers, we not only strive to aid our community via the services we offer. We also do everything we can to raise people’s knowledge of why services like ours are beneficial and when necessary. Among many things, home care should be sought when a senior displays:

  • Difficulty With Activities of Daily Living

    Activities of daily living refer to routine tasks, such as attending to one’s hygiene, fixing up meals, or undertaking household chores. If a senior shows difficulty in this area, obtaining home care must be prioritized.

  • Inability to Perform Essential Errands

    Running errands like grocery shopping or paying bills might be too stressful and strenuous for seniors. Fortunately, this component is incorporated into virtually every home care agency.

  • Declining Physical or Mental Capacities

    Perhaps the most alarming indicator is a senior’s physical or mental health decline. In such cases, seeking a caregiver is crucial to ensure their safety and well-being.

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