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Tips to Help You Manage Multiple Medications


Proper medication management is a crucial component of health care. However, there are some people, especially elderly individuals who find it very challenging to manage multiple medications at once.

As a high-quality home care agency, we specialize in caring for the elderly. The following is our professional advice to help senior individuals manage multiple medications at home:

  • Record all of your medications in an easy-to-read journal. To manage your prescriptions, you must be familiar with each one. Create a list of them and update it as necessary. Make sure to maintain this list in a location where you can access it frequently.

  • Create a chart or a reminder for each medicine. If you have prescriptions that must be taken at different times of the day, you can make a chart that contains the name of the medication, the time of day it must be taken, whether it requires a meal or not, and how much to take.

  • Utilize a pill organizer. Consider utilizing a pill organizer if you have trouble managing your medications. You can place each pill for that day and then refill it at the end of the week because pill organizers are often labeled for each day of the week.

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