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Discover the Importance of Daily Living Activities

Discover the Importance of Daily Living Activities

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) pertain to everyday activities that people do each day without assistance. This includes activities that have to do with hygiene, mobility, eating, and continence. The inability to perform ADLs indicates a need to receive home health care in Brooklyn, New York from home care providers.

Considering that functional status and the ability to take care of one’s needs have a big impact on a senior’s quality of life, the ability to perform ADLs is important. Doing so ensures that their needs are met while protecting them from diseases associated with poor personal hygiene, malnutrition, senior isolation, falls, and more.

When unable to perform ADLs, it’s recommended for seniors to receive assistance from caregivers in New York. Through an in-home caregiver, seniors can receive the care and support they need to age gracefully at home. Most home care providers also provide other relevant services, such as companionship care, homemaking, care coordination, and more.

By getting in touch with a reputable and dependable home care agency, seniors receive the assistance they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle without neglecting their needs. So, if you find that your aging parent or a senior family member is having difficulty performing ADLs at home, it may be best to receive professional care.

Reach out to Restoration Homecare Agency to learn more about your care options and how your senior loved ones can benefit from receiving our quality of care at home.

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